A Curriculum of the Soul

John Clarke and Albert Glover, editors. A Curriculum of the Soul. The Institute of Further Studies, Canton, NY 2010. 896 pp. A collaborative text in twenty-eight books derived from “A Plan for a Curriculum of the Soul” by Charles Olson which appeared in The Magazine of Further Studies #5. Publication of A Curriculum began in 1968 with Charles Olson’s “Pleistocene Man” (which now serves as an introduction to the completed text) as the first fascicle in an ongoing series that appeared between 1972 and 2002. After John Clarke’s death in 1992, Albert Glover finished the fascicle publications and then edited the entire collection as a single text which appeared in a fine press edition of fifty copies designed by Michael Russem and hand-bound by Sarah Creighton in Japanese silk for the Charles Olson centenary celebrations. Seven of ten copies remain for sale at $3,000 each to cover the costs of production. For more information, contact 

Albert Glover
The Institute of Further Studies
28 Fairlane Drive
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 379-1418
aglover (at) twcny.rr.com

From Charles Olson's Pleistocene Man

Poets and Titles
0. Charles Olson, Pleistocene Man (download a sample)
1. Albert Glover, The Mushroom
2. Duncan McNaughton, Dream
3. John Wieners, Woman
4. Michael Boughn, one’s own Mind
5. Lisa Jarnot, one’s own Language
6. Fred Wah, Earth
7. John Clarke, Blake
8. Robert Duncan, Dante (download a sample)
9. Alice Notley, Homer’s Art
10. Robin Blaser, Bach’s Belief
11. Robert Dalke, trans., Novalis Subjects
12. George F. Butterick, The Norse
13. Edward Kissam, The Arabs
14. Edgar Billowitz, American Indians
15. Harvey Brown, Jazz Playing
16. Lewis MacAdams, Jr., Dance
17. Ed Sanders, Egyptian Hieroglyphs
18. Michael Bylebyl, Ismaeli Muslimism
19. David Tirrell, Alchemy
20. Danny Zimmerman, Perspective
21. Drummond Hadley, Vision
22. James Koller, Messsages
23. Gerrit Lansing, Analytic Psychology
24. Joanne Kyger, Phenomenological
25. John Thorpe, Matter
26. Robert Grenier, Attention
27. Anselm Hollo, Sensation
28. Michael McClure, Organism (download a sample)